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Saving Chemistry Table Settings

ESdat Online Chemistry Table settings can be modified and saved for re-use, including:

  • Logo
  • Colours of Guidelines
  • Sample Details included
  • Statistics
  • Compound Grouping and Ordering
  • Excel Settings incl Fonts and Borders
Modifying these is described in the help manual at https://esdat.net/ESdat_Online_Help/chemistry_tables_dataview.htm

Compound Grouping and Ordering is described at https://esdat.net/ESdat_Server_Help/index.html?chem_names.htm

Font and similar Excel settings is described at https://esdat.net/ESdat_Server_Help/index.html?excel_export.htm

Creation date: 17/02/2021 08:22 (WarwickWood@escis.com.au)      Updated: 02/04/2021 18:21 (WarwickWood@escis.com.au)